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Colour Chameleon

23 October – 6 November

The Project Space

Deakin University Waterfront Campus: Cnr Cunningham St and Western Beach Rd, Geelong VIC

Mon – Wed 10-4pm

Event: Artist Talk – Wednesday 6 November 4.30pm

Color Chameleon is a group show that uses mutual exploration in part and associated enquiries as well, to bring together three diverse artists. Colour is a vital element of our world and art making, it functions not just as a surface but also in many other ways. As a code to our eyes and senses it often functions as an invitation or deterrent; as informant or signifier; and as aid to seduction or disgust. At times colour can exceed the visual apparatus, flood it with information and have the viewer grasping to find visual balance.

Each artist in this exhibition has re-framed and remixed colour to enact it’s use as a primary catalyst to amplify its meaning. Colour working in dynamic ways, building strong impulses and cloaking darker meanings. Color Chameleon examines the parallels between these visually synthesised surfaces and a type of natural shape shifting found in our environments beyond the exhibition.

With Melinda Harper and Tara Gilbee.

Images by Ian Hill

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